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Mission Statement

It is our mission to create a total educational experience that allows children to excel academically, grow emotionally and socially, and become lifelong learners who demonstrate useful decision-making skills to become productive citizens in a changing global society.

School Demographics

West Elementary School is located at 235 West Converse Street in Morristown, Tennessee. All classes in grades Pre K-5 are self-contained, heterogeneous classes. There is a large office for the secretary, bookkeeper, and two administrators. The curriculum includes music, both choral and band; guidance, gym, and library. The school has a full size gym to accommodate physical education classes. All teachers in grades Pre K-5 have the latest technology that  includes a  Macintosh computer station, ELMO, Projector, and Smart Board. We are a Title One school. Reading and Math are our target areas. We also focus on writing in all grade levels.

Currently the enrollment at West Elementary is approximately 490 students. We represent a culturally diverse population. There are 23 classroom teachers, two special services teachers, six full-time assistants, one part-time assistant, one bilingual assistant and one librarian.


21 K-5 Classrooms

1 Pre-K Classroom

1 CDC Classroom